Saturday, 2 July 2016

Year Three week ending 1/7/16

This week we have been learning: 
Literacy: We have been creating posters using word and have started a new novel about the deforestation of the rainforest. 
Maths: We have been looking at different strategies to add and subtract numbers
Welsh: writing a book review using a framework. 

You can help at home by:

Literacy: Continue to read and practise spellings . Next Friday we will be doing Big Write as we have now finished our swimming lessons. Your task next week is to plan a mini saga inspired by a historical figure or by a period in history.  A mini saga is a story of up to 100 words! Its not easy to write a story in 100 words so you will have to plan carefully. The following Friday you will write your saga. Before our Big write, think carefully about the historical period in which you will set your story or the historical figure you will write about. What will happen ? Who will your characters be? if you need a bit of inspiration go to the following website and watch the video or read the writing tips:

maths: Please keep practising your timestables. You will also find a new activity on the mymaths website. 

Welsh: Choose your favourite English book and write a review in Welsh. Use the following framework/ sentence starters  to help:
.......ydy'r teitl.
.......ydy'r awdur.

Pwy sy yn y stori?
Wyt ti'n hoffi stori? Pam?
Sawl seren?

Have a lovely weekend, Mrs Schartz
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Year 6 week ending 1.7.16

What an unusual week we have had in year 6! Safe cycling tests, a talk from P.C Finnister and move up days to the comprehensive.

Firstly, congratulations to all of our year 6 on passing their safe cycling proficiency test. Behaviour was outstanding and we are very proud of you for remembering all of the skills required for the course.

Secondly, well done to all of you for completing your first two days at Monmouth Comprehensive School. Hopefully you all had a wonderful time experiencing everything your new school has to offer.

Next week:
Gilwern will be the focus for most of next week, with a visit to forest school on Wednesday morning for shelter building before we head off. Please check your kit list to make sure you have everything you need.

With very little time left in school, we will be rehearsing our leavers assembly. Please make an effort to learn your words this weekend so that rehearsals can be done without scripts. Next week, letters will be given out regarding costumes.

Air hop - thank you to those that have already returned their money, permission slip and waiver for our trip to air hop. I can't stress how important the email confirmation of the waiver is, as without it airhop will not permit people to participate. The children do not needy come in uniform, but please could they come in suitable clothing such as tracksuit bottoms / leggings, t-shirts. The socks required are included in the price.

Have a lovely weekend,
Mrs Maunder and Mrs Peacock.

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Friday, 1 July 2016

Home Learning Dosbarth Miss Foster w/e 1.7.16

This week we have looked at:


This week we have been re-capping our understanding of tens and units- and what the value of each digit is in a 2 digit number. Some children have moved on to 3 digit numbers too. So for example, 37=30 + 7, and 142= 100+40+2. Some children still find this area a bit tricky to grasp, but are getting there!

 Knowledge and Understanding-

We have been using QR codes this week to find pictures of mini-beasts. The children used the IPad to scan the code and then record the number on the code next to the matching mini-beast. We searched for mini-beasts at forest school too. Next week we will be looking at using a branching diagram to identify them, using features of their bodies.

We have used our Chromebooks to log on using our own Hwb username and password. This is tricky in itself as the password is a combination of upper and lower case letters and numbers! We then painted a pictured and learnt how to save it in our folders.

How to help at home-


Have a look at some of games on-

 We have used some of these on the interactive whiteboard and computers this week.

Try using a combination of 10ps and 1ps as another way for them to visualise tens and units. Get them to add them up and write down the value etc.

If you type in 'shark numbers place value' into an internet search, they are some nice games. We can't access it at school any more, but I'm sure you can at home.

Use some examples that I mentioned above. Also, get them to give you the value of an underlined or circled digit- So 67- if you underlined or circled the 6, could they tell you that the 6 is worth 60.  

They really enjoyed 'move up' day and had a fun day meeting and working with Mrs Schartz.

We will be visiting forest school on MONDAY next week. 

Thursday, 30 June 2016

Dosbarth Mrs Miles Home Learning W/E 1.7.16

 This week we have been learning about- 

Literacy- Poetry. Identify language and text features of different narratives.

Numeracy- Problem solving Euro 2016.

Knowledge and Understanding- Looking at the culture of Brazil. Finding out why the church in Trellech is so big for a small village.

How to help your child at home- 

 Literacy-  Can you find 3 facts about Brazil. Can you compare these facts to Wales?

Numeracy- Mymaths. Aaron Ramsey gives 5p for every goal he scores to a children's charity. He gives 50p, how many goals does he score?

Knowledge and Understanding- Can you find any information about the Virtuous Well?

Thank you. Enjoy the weekend.

Saturday, 25 June 2016

Year Three week ending 24th June

This week we have been learning:

Literacy: We have read an article on the lost Welsh football team Mascot. We have created wanted posters and are looking at how to persuade people to support WALES. 
Numeracy: Lifting the Lid week. We  challenged the children to raise money for charity. We gave them only £5 and asked them to 'grow it'. they came up with lots of ideas and eventually decided to create a mini fair for the rest of the school. They sold ice pops and created a 'guess the name of the bear' game and a ' how many pages in the book' game. They counted the money they made and calculated the profit. £46.15. 
Science: We created rainforest animal databases on the computer including information about their habitats. 

You can help at home by:

Literacy: Can you think of a snappy slogan to use on your persuasive poster? What appealing adjectives will you use? What exaggeration will you use? Bring your ideas into school to help with your posters next week. 
Numeracy: WE have to decide what charity to donate our money to. Have a think over the weekend so that we can sort it out next week. You will find one activity on the mymaths website only this week as i would like you to focus on timestables for the next couple of weeks. There are lots of activities on mymaths that will help you with your timetables. Log in as Trellech but not as yourself and then you can choose an activity. 
Science: Can you create a database online - choose  a different environment this time such as a British wood. 

We've had a wonderful if very busy week. Don't forget Move up day on wednesday next week. have a lovely weekend,
Mrs Schartz
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Year Six: week ending: 24th June 2016

We have had great enjoyment completing our Tour de France maths topic

Producing our commentary on the Euro 2016 Wales v England match

and completing branching databases for classification in Science

Next week is another busy week!

Don't forget your bikes and helmets for your safe cycling test on Monday

Your biome projects need to be completed ready for presenting to the class by Tuesday 5th July

Continue to learn your lines ready for our leavers Assembly

Please ensure any outstanding monies for our forthcoming residential to Gilwern OEC. Children will require a packed lunch on the day of departure. We are hoping to visit forest school in the morning before a late morning departure.

Talking homework: to write a persuasive text. Consider your time at Trellech...why should others join our school?

Finally, please have a wonderful time when you spend your time at MCS this week's

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Friday, 24 June 2016

Home Learning Dosbarth Miss Foster w/e 24.6.16

This week we have looked at:

Maths-We carried on with some adding work this week, adding to the next 10. We also looked at how, once we have worked out a simple addition fact, we can apply this to larger numbers. So for example, if we know 5 add 4 is 9, then we know 25 add 4 is 29 or 45 add 4 must be 49. So we looked the units, which then helped us with the sum. Another example would be 3+3, we know that speedily, so when 43+3 comes, up our knowledge of 3+3 can help. Some children liked this link, others can happily add on from any two digit number.

We recapped our counting and sequences of 2, 5 and 10.

 Knowledge and Understanding-

We looked at photos and a video of Samir and Samira who are children who live in a 'shanty town' in Rio. We found out about the dangers they face where they live and the conditions they live in. We found out about a typical day for Samir and Samira and compared this to our own.

We looked at the variety of food that is grown in the Amazon Rainforest. Many I was surprised about!


For our Big Write we wrote instructions for how to make a sandwich. We had to include-a title, a list of equipment, numbered steps, bossy verbs etc.

How to help at home-

Go over some of the maths I mentioned above, write out the sums directly underneath, so they can make the link with adding the units, so



Discuss some of the similarities and differences between their own lives and that of Samir and Samira.

Talk about the rainforest foods- could they make a menu up including some of the rainforest foods. E.g pineapple or banna fritters, slices of mango, nuts, vanilla flavoured ice-cream etc.

Next week we will be starting some science work on mini-beasts, could they find out what a mini-beast is. We will be looking at classification, sorting diagrams etc.

We were due to go to forest school on Monday. I am now going to be on a course Monday afternoon, so we will go THURSDAY afternoon instead.

Have a nice weekend.


Year 2 Home Learning W/E 24.6.16

This week we have been learning about-

Literacy- Synonyms, antonyms and using a dictionary. Report writing.

Numeracy- Subtraction and money problems.

Knowledge and Understanding- History of the Olympics.

How to help your child-

Literacy- Can you write some sentences using interesting sentence openers and antonyms, (opposite meaning of words).

Numeracy- Playing shop. If you have £1.00 and you buy an orange for 20p, a banana for 24p and 2 apples that cost 19p each, how much change from £1.00?
If you have 1 metre of ribbon and you need 20cm to make a card and 30cm to make a bow, How much ribbon have you used. How much ribbon do you have left? Can you show your workings out?

Knowledge and Understanding- Can you find 3 facts about our local Church? Our next adventure around the village will be to visit the local church. You never know, there might be a wedding taking place!

Thank you. Enjoy the weekend.

Year 4 w/e 24.6.16

This week we have been-

Literacy- looking at character traits and creating our own character for the Jungle Book

Maths- completing Euro 2016 football activities looking at stadium capacity, travel times and player ratings

Science- classifying animals

Topic- matching rainforest animals to their description

Welsh- writing in third person

You can help at home by-

Literacy- prepare your presentation in readiness for the dates you were given. Remember not to read it straight off the sheet/screen

Maths- my maths activities on algebra and times tables 

Topic- can you create your own rainforest? What animals/ plants would you have in there?

Have a lovely weekend

Miss. Williams 

Thursday, 23 June 2016

Home learning week commencing 20th June 2016

Please find the definitions of spellings and write sentences to include them so pupils are aware of their context. Your child will be tested on Thursdays.

Big Write - this is for Friday 1st July: Pupils will be shown a picture of a tiny dragon (it would fit in your pocket) as a stimulus. They will write about where it could have come from and about its adventures.

Presentations:Please ensure these are ready for next week. I've already heard some great oral presentations from Year five pupils this week and look forward to more.

Numeracy - this week we have been looking at stadium capacities and multiplication; distances in miles and kilometers and calculating time periods. Please use the My Maths task that has been set on time and timetables.

Sunday, 19 June 2016

Home Learning Dosbarth Miss Foster w/e 17.6.1

This week we have looked at:

Maths-We have done some recapping this week of number bonds to 10. Its always good to keep them on the boil! We then looked at adding from any two digit number to the next multiple of 10. We used the bead bar to help with this. We also looked at the unit digit of each two digit number and realised how we can use our number bonds to 10 to help us add. So for example, 36 + ?= 40. We know 6 + 4 is 10, so 36 + 4 must make the next 10 which is 40.

Knowledge and Understanding-

Carrying on with- researching facts about a rainforest animal of their choice, using books and the internet. We used headings such as habitat, diet and appearance to organise the information.

We have looked at some of the dangers facing rainforest (deforestation) in a simple ways this week. The children have then begun creating posters to raise awareness of this issue.

Thank you for your attendance and support at the assembly on Wednesday. I'm sure you will agree, the children performed brilliantly, I was so proud of all of them. They spoke and sang clearly to a big audience, which is not an easy thing to do!

I thought they were all superb at our sports afternoon on Friday too, 100% effort from everyone.